5 Reasons Why You Should Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day

importance of brushing

The wide range of mint sprays, mouth fresheners, and other minty mouthwashes present in the market today make people think that they got rid of the duty of brushing their teeth regularly but they should brush their teeth at least one time a day. Below described are the topmost five reasons why you should brush your teeth daily no matter whats your age.


Bacteria is developed in your mouth in a short period of time and it keeps producing infected material after very short periods of time. When you brush your teeth twice a day, you basically destroy the development of material produced by the bacteria from your mouth in order to make it clean. Bacteria, If that material is left in your mouth for twenty-four hours, results in damaging the hardest part which is the enamel of your tooth that gradually weakens the gums and roots resulting in the decay of teeth. Moreover, the removal of bacteria also results in the removal of bad breath and thus you can smile and laugh anytime in front of anyone. 

Production of Saliva

During sleep the more saliva secrets when you are awake and less saliva when you are asleep. The best thing about saliva is that it adds an additional layer so that you can fight against the plaque and bacteria in your mouth that saves you from leading to excess cavities otherwise you will suffer from mainly critical conditions that later on can lead to the removal of teeth. Brushing your teeth in the evening or before sleeping leads you to be safe from the destruction done by bacteria while you produce less saliva. Brushing your teeth saves you from bad breath in the morning by removing the bacteria and acid production from your mouth that has been built up overnight.

Prevention of Tartar Build-up

When you do not brush your teeth on a daily basis, then there is a thing called Tartar that attaches itself to your teeth and it does not go away. The only way you can get rid of it is by scraping your teeth and that is done by your dentist. Still, if it is left untreated it will result in a bad gum infection that will result in excessive bleeding from gums. And it can actually damage your health, overall. If you smoke, or if you are diabetic then you are at a higher risk of getting your health destroyed by the tartar as compared to an average person.

Protect Gums

We may think that we brush and floss our teeth in order to clean and polish our smiles, but in reality, there are many more causes than this. There are many serious issues that can occur if we won’t brush our teeth. Plaque, bacteria, and tartar literally can be proved to be detrimental to your health. The most important thing you should do is to protect your gums along with protecting your teeth.

Improved health, overall

As science has been evolving, we are finding that there are many diseases that are directly linked to oral diseases. A major lack of oral health can lead to various fatal diseases like heart diseases (cardiovascular diseases), diabetes, premature babies, low birth babies, and osteoporosis.

A healthy and bright smile, explains to you more than anything that you might have thought.

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