7 Reasons Why Thrift Stores Are Awesome

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I learned the thrift store shopping skills from my mother. The mother and my siblings wore clothes bought from the local Salvation Army store. As I get older, this is embarrassing, especially because none of my clothes have the brand names that my classmates value and my personal style has not reached the latest level. Mom doesn’t care. She is happy to save money on clothes and use it for other more interesting investments, such as music lessons and travel. I know we have been talking about the benefits of thrift stores for years, but now is a good time to revisit why we like a thrift store:

  1. Thrift store makes it easier to dress children. As a parent, there is nothing better than going to a thrift store to dress up a grown-up child. Children often grow up before the clothes are worn out, so you can easily find top quality children’s clothes for a few dollars.
  1. Thrift store lets you try. Since thrift stores have very cheap items, it’s fun to try some styles or colors that you might not usually get. If you only wear a hot pink shirt or embroidered pants a few times, hey, it’s only $3, not $30…or, forbidden by heaven, $300.
  1. Thrift stores have high-quality items Just because of their existence, thrift store items are usually of higher quality. They have withstood the use of one person and still have resale value, which means they are not like your typical H&M, Zara, or Forever21 cheap “fast fashion” shirts, they will stretch and lose after a few washes.
  1. Clothes in thrift stores do not shrink Next, what I want to say is. The clothes in the thrift store are always washed before they are sold, so after you wash the clothes yourself, the clothes are the same.
  1. Thrift stores are an opportunity to develop your own unique sense of style. Without a model to go shopping, it can be frightening to show you what fashion trends are, especially if you are like me and feel lost when putting together fashionable clothes, but practice brings confidence. When everyone is shopping in the same fashion brand store, it is inevitable that one day you will meet an unexpected twin in public, wearing the exact same shirt or dress as you. Trust me, no one wants to be that person.
  1. No salesman in the thrift store pestering you to buy things Salespeople who are not hovering are waiting to deduct a commission from your purchase. In fact, most of the Salvation Army employees are volunteers, so they really don’t care if you buy anything.
  1. Shopping in thrift stores can reduce financial issues Because the financial investment in each project is much less, it is not difficult to let go. You know that those jeans are expensive, but they are not suitable, and you can’t get rid of them because you spend a lot of money… The price of jeans in grocery stores is not popular at $3! If you cannot solve the problem, please donate it back and try again.

Support thrift stores, support communities Many thrift stores support the community. The Salvation Army donates all profits to its charity, so you can be sure that your money will be used well.

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