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In terms of second-hand fashion and outdated antiques, it is home to many charity shops, with many boutiques and second-hand chains across the country. So if you are thinking of working harder to find unique works, here are the 5 best places to visit.


The street style of Glasgow is comparable to any major capital in Europe. Vogue even promoted this in 2014! With such incredibly stylish citizens, it’s no wonder their second-hand store is worth a visit. The city is full of charming old-fashioned small shops with cute names such as “Hi P’s Nest”, “Handbags and Gladgrass”, and some very good charity shops, which are not afraid of piles of elderly people Wear T-shirts and sweaters.


Claire Lomax, fashion director of Flux Magazine, said that Manchester’s vintage shopping has never been better! She recommends wandering around the trendy North District of the city especially the alleys around Thomas Street, Tib Street, and Oldham Street, and stop at whatever you like local. What makes this city even more attractive is its excellent cafes and old record shops throughout the area.


Most satisfactory second-hand goods do not come from carefully selected (expensive) antique shops. Belfast is full of charity shops, which will surely attract any shopping travelers. A charity shop means spending more time sorting out sweaters and twisted records from the 80s, which makes this special discovery even more satisfying. Try to go to any charity shop in the city (Saint Vincent de Paul, War of Resistance, or Oxfam) for an adventurous and unforgettable shopping trip.


Can we not talk about fashion hot spots in London now? Sophia King, the special editor of MODE magazine, introduced her love to London’s second-hand fashion industry: “When it comes to retro shopping, it is hard to beat London. This is a mecca for retro fashion lovers. The treasure is waiting to be discovered.” The high street shops are very fashionable, but sometimes the price may be too high. Going to Covent Garden, Camden Market, Soho or Shoreditch will definitely help you discover Something unbelievable.

Kate Moss loves Rellik on Golfourne Street. You can tell why. With exquisite dresses, pearls, designer shoes, handbags, and wallets, Rellik’s prices may be on the high side. The shop’s curation is gorgeous, so you can easily find Yves St Laurent dresses or 1964 Gucci high heels. This shop may not have fashionable people like Shoreditch, but it is definitely a place where you can taste truly unique vintage designer works.


Sheffield is home to some great old-fashioned markets, and if you happen to be in the area, it is definitely worth a visit. Sheffield Dos Vintage in Cutler Hall is equipped with shelves with exquisite antiques and live music to make the atmosphere more vivid. Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair was rated as one of the best Vintage Fairs in two years. His works were created between 1920 and 1990. There is also a “vintage hair salon” for pin-button decoration of complex weaving. Victory roll. Get there as early as possible, find the perfect hairstyle and dress match, and still have enough time for afternoon tea!

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