Bone and Tissue Grafts Can Improve Your Oral Health

tissue grafting

There are many reasons why bone and tissue transplantation may be necessary to improve oral health. This is especially true if you want to implant your teeth after a period of time since you lost your natural teeth. The longer you have no natural teeth, the greater the bone and tissue loss you may experience. In order to restore the tissue and allow you to the implant, you need bone and tissue grafts. Here is some important information about these implants and how they can help improve your overall oral health.

What exactly are bone and tissue grafts?

Bone and tissue grafts are grafts implanted in the oral cavity to help regenerate these different tissues. When you lose a natural tooth, the bone and tissue that once held the tooth in place will no longer be used. This makes your body believe that these issues are no longer needed. From there, your body begins to break down those tissues and bones so that the cells of the body no longer take on extra work. This is your body’s way of self-help, but it also harms your oral health.

As the body breaks down tissues and bones, you will experience bone loss and absorption. This means that there is no longer enough tissue to hold the teeth in place. If you decide to use dental implants, you will no longer be able to securely fix the implants. Then, what you need are bone and tissue grafts. This is when we take out bones or other oral tissues and place them in your chin to help them grow. Then, once the bone and tissue grafts heal, we can usually place your dental implants. This will restore your ability to chew and speak, just like your natural teeth.

How long does the bone and tissue graft need to heal? 

The length of time it takes for bone and tissue grafts to heal depends on the type of graft you have. Most bone and tissue grafts take several weeks to heal superficially, but then it takes several months to heal completely internally. This is because new bones and tissues need to fuse with existing bones and tissues. This process takes time. If you use only one type of graft, it will take a shorter time to fully heal. Some people do not need bone and tissue grafts. Instead, they only need one. In this case, the recovery time is usually a little less.

During the recovery process, you really need to be careful. Bone and tissue grafts are fragile. If they are not treated like this, they may be pushed to inappropriate positions. This means that if they heal, they will heal inappropriately and may require you to take additional steps to place the implant. After placing the graft, you need to eat appropriate food immediately. In addition, during this period, you also need to ensure that strict oral hygiene practices are followed. By keeping the mouth clean and healthy, the chance of successful transplantation is higher than if you don’t tend to keep the mouth clean.

When is bone and tissue transplantation necessary?

 For those who have experienced bone loss after losing their natural teeth, bone, and tissue grafts are necessary. This is very common and usually more common than our patients realize. Even if you lose a natural tooth, it will affect the remaining bones. It may also cause the teeth surrounding the original natural teeth to shift. This makes it difficult for the bones between the teeth to stay healthy. When we went to place the implant, it might be too brittle, preventing you from getting one.

Sometimes you may also need bone and tissue grafts for the denture to fit properly. If you don’t want or are not ideal implants, then the best option is dentures. The problem is that dentures can expose you to tissue and bone loss. The best answer is to obtain bone and tissue grafts to keep the gums healthy and strong enough to hold the denture firmly in place.

To get the best function and find your mouth after losing any natural teeth, you need implants.

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