How to Thrift – Secrets to Score the Best Deals

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There is no secret of thrifting, it’s just that I love and enjoy thrifting. But how did I get here? How do I know so many tips for getting the best deals in a thrift store? In this article, I will share with you the best tips and tricks for frugality so that you can shop like a professional!

Finding thrift stores in various parts of town

Most areas of the town will have thrift shops-consignment shops, goodwill, or independently operated thrift stores. However, not all thrift stores are the same! That’s because they rely on donations to operate. The likelihood of me returning to a particular thrift store depends on the quality of the items available there.

To learn how to be economical, you may need to go into different communities and after visiting and checking the quality of the goods there, you can easily decide whether to return back here for regular shopping or not. To find all the thrift stores near you, do a quick search for “thrift stores” on Google, and a map will pop up. List the different thrift stores you’ve been to and a list of your thoughts about the items that are available there.

Be nice with the employees 

The employees of these stores not only work here but also live frugally here and they have deep knowledge about the items available there. When you start to learn how to be frugal, these employees can give you some very useful tips and advice. Be nice to people there.  As a result of maintaining a friendly relationship with the staff of the local thrift store, I received discounts and free items. I usually have a good conversation with them regarding the store’s new fundraising activities, local events, and most importantly, I ask them these specific questions:

  • When will the new items be put up in the sales area?
  • Do you have any special offers today?
  • Do you want to get rid of any item here very quickly? (If they need it, this means you can save even more!!!)
  • Is there anything interesting/special for me recently?

Thrift using a list

What if you go to the grocery store without a list? You either buy too much or forget the items that you needed to purchase. It can be the same when you go shopping in a thrift store without having a list. Create a list on your phone, or write out the products you want to buy.

Have a positive mindset

Not every time you go thrift shopping, you will succeed only. Sometimes you score high, and other times you might get nothing. It’s a good idea to stay positive as you never know when the best treasures will appear in the store!

Shop early in the day

Like regular retail stores, thrift stores are stocked early in the morning or the night before. Therefore, shopping early in the day (especially shopping on the “deal day”) is the key. When you are one of the first shoppers to enter the door, you will get the first batch of all the items there! When you learn how to be frugal, it will be really exciting to see all the wonderful things in the store instead of leftovers every day.

Find “deal days”

From the National Thrift Day (August 17), many thrift stores will have amazing deals. Here are some regular transactions that I have seen in thrift stores: 

  • All purchases can enjoy a certain amount of discount
  • Single piece discount available
  • Discount percentage for a certain color label or category
  • Bag sales
  • Therefore, please check your local store to find the sale date.

Thrift often

The magic of second-hand goods is that there are new things every day. Although frugality may not be a viable option due to your busy schedule or because of your income it is a good habit to visit a thrift store often. This is especially useful if you are looking for very specific items or are planning to buy items such as baby clothes.

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