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Thrift stores resale means that you buy goods from a second-hand store and resell them to other places at a higher price than you purchased the goods. You can resell clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, home decorations, etc. Moreover, this may be an interesting way to make money.

Once you know what to look for in thrift stores, you can better look for the things that have risen the most. Then, only perform a little maintenance and repair when necessary, clean them up and resell them. Guaranteeing profits is impossible, but knowing what to do can help you increase your chances of earning a dollar or two from hard work.

How to start reselling in thrift stores

If you want to start reselling thrift store merchandise to earn more income, please refer to the following tips to help you get started.

Pay attention to trends and brands

You can follow fashion blogs or influencers to learn about current popular trends and brands. Now, antiques and clothes from the nineties are very popular. In addition, high-quality outdoor clothing brands always seem to sell well. You can also create your online page to let people know about the kind of variety you have at your store, this way you can target more customers.

 Please check each item carefully before buying it

It is very important to thoroughly check the clothing while you buy it from the seller. You should look for tears, torn seams, stains, frayed edges, frayed spots, etc. Not only clothes and shoes, but it is also important to pay attention to the wear and tear of furniture or other resale items.

Even if people know that they are buying second-hand goods, they still want it to look good. It is very important to check your findings, whether you resell in good faith, find things in other second-hand stores, buy from garage sales, etc.

Here are some tips for items to be resold:

  • Shirts and tops: Check for stains on the armpits and collars, missing buttons, and cuffs for frayed or dirty.
  • Jeans and trousers: Look for frayed spots near the back pocket and pants, check that there are no holes in the pocket, and look for frayed cuffs.
  • Shoes: Check the soles, laces, and the inside of the shoes.
  • Furniture: Check whether the legs of chairs and tables are scratched, whether things are shaking, whether there are water stains and scratches on wooden objects, and whether there are stains or odors on cloth items. 

Be honest when listing your items

Items in good condition usually sell best, but as long as you are honest with your business information, you can sell items that seem to be used more. And, honesty can help you score on the app and other online seller platforms.

For example, if you sell thrift store items on eBay, you should mention all the questions and show each photo. Potential buyers can decide whether the price is worth buying the item, potentially solving the problem, or just living with it.

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