Unique Christmas Gifts That You Can Find at a Thrift Store

Christmas gifts

Most people like to spend time looking for unique and meaningful gifts. As new items arrive almost every day, the shoppers keep sifting through the shelves to see what treasures they can find. This Christmas you can find a large number of unique gifts that will make everyone’s Christmas magical. 


Many ancient and classic books have entered the bookshelf. The geographer in you might like an atlas of the world. Art lovers will love unique coffee table books like Monet. In addition, children will find the Guinness Book of World Records very interesting and can even try to break one or two records!

Retro Games

Don’t miss the collection of retro board games at a thrift store. You may find things like Sorry! , Classic works like Scattegories and Rummikub. Card games like “The Old Maid” and “Go Fishing” are also interesting discoveries. There are good stocking toys for young children.


Earrings, necklaces, and watches are great Christmas gifts. At a thrift store, you can find many choices. You may also find an old-fashioned jewelry box that can be polished or painted to get a unique gift that you can’t buy anywhere else.

Warm Winter Coat

There are beautiful fur coats, waiting for any fashion lovers to express their views on it. You may also find brands such as Patagonia and North Face.

Photo frames

Photo frames are great gifts for parents and grandparents, especially when you include cute photos of grandparents and grandmothers. I have seen high-quality photo frames at a local thrift store, and the price is as low as $.50.


Every thrift store has a large amount of random Chinese porcelain. I have been staring at old-fashioned plates, trays, and plates that are in good condition and cost less than $2. Instead of buying plastic products at the grocery store, I used thrifty plates as gifts. 


A vase is another item that can be found in thrift stores. A beautiful $3 vase can turn the $7 bouquet you bought at the grocery store into a beautiful presenter gift. Thrift store vases are also a great way to reduce your budget for weddings or charity events. 

Gift Baskets

Baskets can be used to pack various gifts. In addition to creating gift baskets filled with small snacks, you can also turn your shopping basket into a stylish car emergency kit and fasten it to the bicycle handlebar with zippers to increase the carrying capacity, or you can also turn them into pet beds. Most thrift stores have a large number of old baskets. So you can go to a thrift store and buy some amazing baskets from there.

Costume Jewelry

Usually, jewelry requires very minor repairs. If you have good hand-eye coordination, even the most broken pieces can be repaired or can be used to make other jewelry. You can match your amazing costumes with the jewelry brought from the thrift stores which are cheaper than the original store price and also there are more chances of finding antique jewelry. 

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