Ways to Keep Your Mouth Healthy

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Brushing, flossing, and rinsing are the basics of oral health, but they are just the beginning. What a wonderful mouth requires is more than just squeezing the paste out of the tube-think about improving toothbrush technology, giving up the daily soda habit, and saying goodbye to cigarettes.

Access: If you tend to abandon the dentist, then you are one of the approximately 50% of adults in the United States who do not visit the dentist every year due to dental phobia, financial status, or total neglect. However, spend a good time with the dentist (the American Dental Association recommends twice a year), and you will find problems such as decay, gum disease, trauma, or cancer early in the cure. 

Several years: Young children and the elderly tend to fly under the dental health radar, but they need oral maintenance like the rest of us. Children should go to the dentist when they are 1 year old, and they will need help cleaning their teeth until they get enough cooperation to tie their shoes. Older people have their own oral problems. Arthritis can bring challenges to brushing and flossing. With age, the amount of saliva produced by saliva will decrease, which means that more tooth decay and people who wear dentures will also feel discomfort.

Can soda: Soda is fun, but this is part of the reason why soda is bad for teeth. Two ingredients-phosphoric acid and citric acid-give soda a “bite” function, but also erode the surface of the teeth. Although occasional soda will not hurt, drinking one or more cans a day will make your tooth enamel softer and more likely to produce tooth decay. Use water instead and add thinly sliced ​​citrus or crushed berries or mint leaves to taste.

No to Sugar: Sugar is the culprit of tooth decay. It stimulates bacteria and acidity in the mouth, leading to the formation of plaque and swallowing enamel and gums. From coffee with sugar in the morning to ice cream in the evening, indulging in every sugar festival, your pearl white will suffer up to 20 minutes of acid production. In order to avoid becoming 20% ​​of people in the United States facing tooth decay every time they look in the mirror, they try to reduce sugary foods and strive to brush their teeth and floss after every meal or snack.

Packing up, tidy up, and Quit smoking: But this time your dentist is talking. The nicotine and tar in cigarettes will not only turn your teeth into an unsightly yellow shade but will also swallow your gums. Smoking creates a mature environment for bacteria and plaque on the teeth and gum line. This can damage tissues, degrade the bones that support the teeth, and ultimately increase the risk of tooth loss. Worse still, tobacco chemicals can cause oral cancer.

Use the correct toothbrush: You need a brush with soft bristles. Using the right technique should last two to three months. When you find that your bristles are bent, you can change them at any time, but don’t wait that long. Even a straight pen tip may become blunt rather than rounded, causing damage to teeth and gums.

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